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The most sustainable thing you can do is buy less! Our component design means that you don't need to buy complete pairs of eyewear to up date your look! Or if you damage a part, you can replace it! This mitigates waste, overconsumption and you get more style for less - better for the environment, better for you!

If you damage* your eyewear within 12 months our oops policy applies, meaning you can return your damaged eyewear to us for up-cycling or recycling and will will give you 40% off an identical purchase. Whats more is that if you trade in your old eyewear we will give you $10 off your next purchase and we will up-cycle, recycle or dispose of your old eyewear responsibly! .

FIX uses TR90 polycarbonate for frames and CR39 lenses which can be recycled and repurposed into other forms of products.

Our packaging is derived from recycled materials.

During the production and shipping process soft plastics are used in order to maintain quality control and to protect your eyewear from scratching- luckily these soft plastics are recyclable. 


FIX uses the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme to reduce the amount of soft plastics heading to our customers before you receive your FIX to maximise recycling. This ensures that the majority of our soft plastics are turned into new plastic products, reducing waste and maintaining environmental responsibility. 


With your FIX you may receive some soft plastic, we recommend you do your bit by taking these to your local Soft Plastics Recycling bin (these can be found at most supermarkets and retailers in New Zealand).