How do you find the perfect pair of sunglasses?

FIX the problem

Like all good solutions FIX began with a problem.

Frank couldn’t ever quite find the sunglasses he loved. He was always choosing between two pairs and given how expensive they were this was very difficult. He would like the aspects of one frame and want it with the arms of another pair with lenses of a different colour.

So how do you find the perfect pair of sunglasses?

Simple... you make them.

It's a shame simple has taken us 7 years of R&D to get to.


So Frank used his industrial design experience and completely re-invented the way to make eyewear. The principles of which haven't changed for 100+ years. Why re-invent the wheel? Tell that to hoverboards and flying cars. There's always a better way.

Then one holiday season Frank teamed up with James at the family festivities. Since then they've been working to make change possible in eyewear so finding that perfect pair is a choice you can FIX.

A world of possibilities - designed in NZ, Assembled by you

We designed FIX here in New Zealand Aotearoa, our slice of paradise, and it's assembled by you, but it wouldn't be possible without our amazing global partners.

Kenny & Sophie based in Hong Kong have helped us to bring FIX to life and we're grateful to their team for helping us to make FIX even better - more sexy, more colour, more shapes, more sustainable and more possibilities.

FIX something

FIX is about making something better and doing something better.

Completely interchangeable eyewear that enables a world of possibilities, that truly believes in a world of possibilities.

Better design or actions can change what is possible and we're completely invested in seeing who else can make change possible in the world.

10% of our profits go to charitable organisations who share this purpose to make a real, meaningful difference to those most in need.

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