how to fix


Step 1:

Gently slide the upper frame onto the lower frame. (The frame sections only slide together in the direction of the arrows - see Figure 1). Avoid the sharp points near the nose bridge on both the upper and lower frames.

Step 2: 

Fit the left hand lens (the left hand lens has the engraved FIX logo on it) into the assembled frame  (Figure 2). HINT - fit the portion of the lens closest to the nose bridge first. 

Step 3:

Press the upper frame hinge pin into the lower frame (there should be no space between the upper and lower frames). (Figure 3). HINT - you may need to adjust the lens to ensure they are fully engaged.

Step 4:

Hold the assembled upper and lower frames in one hand with the top edge towards you, hold the right  hand temple arm in your other hand. 

Align the stainless steel hinge of the temple arm parallel to the frame so that it rests on the frame hinge  (Figure 4).

Step 5: 

Slightly bend the temple arm towards the frame by adding pressure to the middle of the arm (Figure 5).  (HINT - it has to flex past its normal closed position.) 

Step 6: 

At the same time, pull the temple arm into the hinge pin assembly until it is fully engaged. (Figure 6)

Step 7:

Open the temple arm completely. (Figure 7) It should move freely in its normal range of motion. If it does not it has not aligned and engaged properly. 


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